La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad

We offer a FREE 20-minute consultation.
You may want to know what happens in a session or about the therapist's style and approach.  You may wonder if we have experience with your situation, or the stress you feel from anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, substance use, other mental health or relationship concerns.
You may wish to explore your comfort level or if you feel safe with us. 
The consultation is an opportunity to find out if we're the best fit for you.
We look forward to connecting with you.  

$195 per individual per hour

$220 per couple up to 75 minutes

$245 per family (up to four people) up to 90 minutes

Group rates are based on the workshop or group
therapy, and/or service provided

We direct bill to most insurers using Telus eClaims. Most group benefits  cover therapy provided by a  Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree, and you can also claim therapy, provided by Social Workers, as a medical expense credit on your income tax. 

Please let us know if you have a financial need.